Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Mid-January finds me at the computer, still working out the logistics of relocation. Sigh. Is it really this hard?

In the meantime, there are papers to write, correspondence to keep, and gorgeous Santa Barbara days to savor. Beyond lucky on that account!

My days must be full, because my nights are slow. I appreciate it. My precious, wonderful friend Sue pulled a Tarot card for me the other night, because I was feeling like Little Girl Lost. She pulled the Ten of Cups. I read about it, and it was a cool card, especially given my up-in-the-air feelings. A card of reassurance, and contentment.

Tarot or no, what pulls me through this time of upheaval is school. I can read and lean on the process of integration to carry me. I suppose, too, the process of creation as well.
And, always and most, the love and encouragement of family and friends. Every day I feel more grateful, and it seems like the greatest gift; the best lesson.

I am in flux, my dears. No huge announcements or surprises. Just faith, optimism, and pluck.

Oh. And Jayhawk madness, out here on the central coast!
So damn good. Love watching those kids play!!

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motherwort said...

So you found how school feeds you now, how it is part of the woof and warp of your life right now. Good. I suspect the woof and warp of us changes as we change. I hadn't thought of it that way before, or perhaps how we like Penelope weave and unravel our tapestry trying to dupe the suitors but also to get it right.