Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Almost Halloween

Yes, yes. I am going out of my mind due to the sheer volume of partying from across the street. The kids from Brooks Institute can really get saucy, that is for sure. My sleep deprivation may be apparent here but don't worry. I catch up quickly.

I was in San Francisco for a few days. Amazing what happens when you let yourself open, and experience. I met interesting people, had a few excellent, mindbending conversations, bought some killer (very sexy) boots that brought a whole other side of my personality to the fore. So there was that.

I looked around, imagining myself living there, walking the city day by day. Some things are better left in theory, but some need to be brought in to the world; to manifest destiny for ourselves and others. I had a glorious feeling this weekend: a surge of excitement, followed by the utter calm of knowing what I was to do next. So good to feel.

I connected with a lovely friend, who brought me along for her haircut. This was dramatic, because 10 inches came off for Locks of Love, replaced by a sultry, sophisticated look. She looks fabulous, and it was a stunning transformation.

So I am in transition again, this time not so hurried. I want to embrace it all, and get back to the first home I knew after Kansas. Back to the Bay Area, as an all new me, 15 years later! Wow!

The pomegranate is a symbol I seem to stay with. It is the link between Persephone and Hades, the corporeal world and the divine. My dear friend Sue gave me a beautiful necklace with an image of the pomegranate on it. For now, I will wear it on my neck, as I see what comes up for me. It's the season.

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Anonymous said...

That's what happens to me when I go walking through San Fran, too. There's this refreshing sense of good times and possibilities. Now that you mention it, I really ought to go back there sometime soon; I could use the feeling again. Who got her hair cut short? Why to women always do that and think it looks good???