Wednesday, October 31, 2007

OK. Ryan Adams can help us all.

Yes, I have a ridiculous thing for Ryan Adams. Well, not really him. Just his music. Imagine how excited I was to download his new music from itunes the other night! You've never heard a cover like Ryan and the Cardinals tackling "Down in a Hole". Your heart ever been broken? Ryan's your man. Check out the version of "Oh My Sweet Carolina" from the Bridge School Concert series. It makes ME homesick, and I don't even know which Carolina he's singing about.

Somehow, listening to him lately has led me to investigate my crushes. I have my un-Godly crush on Michael Chabon, author and Pulitzer Prize winner. 'Course I loved his work before all that, due to The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. A must-read for all. There is my unflagging admiration for David Foster Wallace, despite his incredible use (or misuse) of footnotes. Oh yes. And I do not care at all that he wears headbands in his press pictures. Very Loverboy; very 80's tennis chic of him!

Try Wallace's "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" and see if you agree. I have a feeling...


Anonymous said...

I've got a crush on you Steph from all those plaintive, reader-grrl photos of you. My goodness, how am I supposed to concentrate when you look so damn good!

Motherwort said...

About four years ago I began a correspondence in which I shared my heart for the first time, all of it, without hesitation. And then I lost it. I started a blog but wasn't sure how personal to get, if the blog could somehow replace the deep friendship I had and then didn't. I admire your willingness to offer yourself up. I admire your bravery. They're a bit like your pictures, snapshots of you, these blogs. Thank you for sharing yourself.

And okay, I'm going to try Wallace's "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again." I'll let you know what I think.