Friday, November 30, 2007

feisty feisty

Well. Some days a girl wakes up and feels all that adolescent angst fueling her with a certain rebellious kind of energy. And, dear reader, today is that kind of a day. I have been cranking Stereophonics, Liz Phair, Linkin Park, and crazy music that makes me want to drive fast and be reckless. Which is slightly hilarious since I am not exactly the Adventure Girl I used to be.

I find myself in limbo, in the gap, in BETWEEN. It is wrenching, and uncomfortable and makes me anxious. So there that is.

As an outlet for this energy, I have been walking, doing yoga, writing, and dancing in the kitchen. Again, hilarious. I mean, how many times can a girl listen to INXS' Pretty Vegas and still like it? Is there anyone else who thinks ...Baby One More Time is an amazing song, even if Britney butchered it? If so, you can be on my secret dance team.

I won't tell a soul.

Next post will be extreme, friends. I have an idea for an essay that might just be a three-year project. Mostly, however, it is always good to explore the topic of encounter, and how we meet each other on various landscapes, on different planes of perspective, different times in our lives.

Oh. There's The Cat Empire on the ipod. And my dancing shoes are still on...

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motherwort said...

I know those times. And I know times when you still, maybe stunned, maybe past grief to whatever lay beyond it. I'll be interested to see what writing has taken hold of you, what gods are speaking through you. A friend of mine says he only writes when ridden, and then nothing months. I think a writer always writes but when you're ridden, you know it's the gods.