Tuesday, November 27, 2007


And so begins the holidays.

I was in Los Angeles this last week, joining my mom, brother, and sister-in-law for some turkey and football. We also got very lucky -- my cousin Jill Boxberger, and her boyfriend Haven, performed at a venue called Room 5 on La Brea Avenue. Jill is a gorgeous girl, vivacious, kind, and loaded with talent. But her voice just gets better and better each time I hear her. My aunt and cousins were there too, as was Andrew Kupersmith (my honorary brother), so the whole weekend was filled with family and good cheer.

And bad football. Oh KU. To raise our hopes so high, only to dash them. And Missouri. Detest Missouri. Now my Hawks just have to reign in Allen Fieldhouse this season to exact vengeance upon them. This will make me happy! Rock chalk jayhawk. ku.

Mom and I read an article in the New York Times about keeping a gratitude journal. It seems that those who count their blessings really do have more positive outlooks, and feel more content. So we decided to give it a go.

Here's a very abbreviated version of what I am thankful for today:
I am eternally grateful for the family I have, especially the times when we act up around each other. I mean, who other than family will put up with your shenanigans, and then call you out when necessary?

Every day I count the blessings of my friendships. This year has been about a rededication to my relationships, and my lovely girlfriends in particular. Some of my greatest friendships have been with the girls I used to hang out with back in 1976, at the swimming pool, when our moms dropped us off in the summertime. So, that's now (yikes) 31 years! I love the fact that we've all watched each other grow, change, succeed, struggle, and still turn to each other.

My new friendships, the ones I have made in the past few years, open me to new worlds of understanding and grace daily. I never knew I could be so accepted, or challenged, or gratified in my life. I cherish these friends so very much.

Books, and psychology, and dreams. These create the foundation I stand upon today, and I must be thankful for all the gifts of my education. Because of these gifts, and my loved ones, I can bring the best parts of myself into the world and be a good therapist and writer.

Never could have done it without you. I carry love with me in every step I take.

Amor vincit om,

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