Monday, November 5, 2007

Thank heavens for basketball season

OK, well, enough with the morose, people. Sorry about the foray into the darker realms of my psyche. Yikes.

So! Today I will tell you that I am SO EXCITED for basketball season. I am ready as ready can be for some Rock Chalk Jayhawk supporting, all the way out here on the coast. I am eager to see what happens when the Celtics actually give my man Paul Pierce some greatly needed support and depth on that team. I am most ready to satisfy my Steve Nash fix, and see what in the world they've done to his hair this year.

I was not a sports fan growing up. I am a Johnny-come-lately. I used to be all about tennis, and that was it. And Federer or no Federer, I can still get glowy around the Open and Wimbeldon.

But then I found college basketball and my love for KU. I fell all giddy with it, and formed opinions about the play, the struggle, the heart. Shot clocks, time in the paint, saying things about how "long" players are...And by God, the Lakers. I despise the Lakers. Showboating, diva-esque, self-congratulatory Lakers.

I then learned that in sports, it's good to have the rivals, the long-standing enmity. The closest I knew in college about this was the Big Game, between Cal and Stanford, that seemed more like a Bay Area party than true rivalry. Once I became a KU basketball fan, however, I came to scorn Missouri, Duke, Arizona, and Kentucky. I think Bill Self is refreshing, and a terrific recruiter, and what I needed to see for my boys.

Ah, it's chilly tonight, and I am still adjusting to the time change. Just in time to snuggle in and get back to regular sportscenter viewing.


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